Adrian Konarski is a young aspiring Polish composer based in Kraków and London. Adrian’s distinctive style of composition has an emphasis on melody with unexpected harmonies. He started to play the piano at the age of four. From 2007 he is a member of the European Film Academy. 

His career springs from the first Class Degree he received in 2000 from the Department of Composition, Conducting and Musical Theory at the Music Academy of Kraków, at the composition class of Prof. Krystyna Moszumanska-Nazar. Before that he had been closely involved with “Cellar under the Rams” (Piwnica pod Baranami) - a famous artistic cabaret-theatre in Poland, which has an illustrious history spanning over 50 years. 

In 2004 he wrote music for the Golden Lions Award winning film (The Welts directed by Magdalena Piekorz) for the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia – regarded as the most important and prestigious film festival in Poland. This movie became one of the most important pictures from in Poland in recent years and was a Polish candidate at the American Academy Oscars in 2004. For the same soundtrack he received the Jancio Wodnik Award for the best music for film in the Prowincjonalia Film Festival in Wrzesnia, Poland. 

Other film celebrities Adrian has been associated with are the actor and director Jerzy Stuhr, composing music to his films and spectacles, as well as, since 2010, being involved with the Los Angeles based film director Philippe Mora, and writing new songs for Peter Straker, Freddie Mercury’s collaborator.  

Adrian has composed the score for the musical Little Princess (Musical Theatre Capitol in Wroclaw, Poland) and is also building his reputation as a concert music composer. He has been a member of the European Film Academy from 2007.

He doesn’t like artificial borders in music: it is difficult to write both a good song and a good symphony.


2015 - Award for the best music for film (“Close-ups”) at the Nationwide Festival of the Film Art Prowincjonalia in Września, Poland

2009, Award for the best original music to the TV Drama “School for Wives” dir. by Jerzy Stuhr at the festival “Two Theatres” in Sopot (POLISH NATIONAL FESTIVAL OF RADIO AND TELEVISION THEATRE)

2004, Jancio Wodnik Award for best music for film (“The Welts” dir. by Magdalena Piekorz) of the Prowincjonalia Film Festival in Wrzesnia, Poland – nationally recognized festival with over 10 years history

2004 Golden Ducks Award Nominee for best film composer. Golden Ducks are one of the oldest Polish film awards of “Film” monthly (every year from 1956)

2005, Polish Eagles – film Award Nominee for the best music for film (“The Welts” dir. by Magdalena Piekorz)


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