7 XI 2012 - 13 Silent Film Festival - Live music Adrian Konarski




A film, TV and theatre music composer. His music has recognizable style with an emphasis on melody and unexpected harmony. He is also a piano performer. Member of the European Film Academy.

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Adrian Konarski will play music to:
THE DOCKS OF NEW YORK, dir. Josef von Sternberg 
Friday, December 7, 6.00 p.m.
(both with Dominik Klimczak)

Adrian Konarski (keyboard instruments) 
Dominik Klimczak (precussions, clarinetto) 

Show with live music at the 13th Festiwal of Silent Movie.

12. Silent Film Festival  (2010):
SZLAKIEM HAŃBY - Saturday, 4th of Dec 2010, 17.00 (Kino Pod Baranami)
(both with Sławomir Berny)
11. Silent Film Festival (2009):
MĘKA MILCZENIA (SZANTAŻ) - Thursday, 10th of December 2009, 19.00 (Kino Pod Baranami)
10. Silent Film Festival (2007):
BEYOND THE ROCKS - Friday, 7th of Dec 2007, 18.15 - special show, Polish Prapremiere of the film (centrum MANGGHA)

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Adrian Konarski is a young aspiring Polish composer based in Kraków and London. Adrian’s distinctive style of composition has an emphasis on melody with unexpected harmonies. He started to play the piano at the age of four. From 2007 he is a member of the European Film Academy.  His career springs from the first Class Degree he received in 2000 from the Department of Composition, Conduc...
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