CLOSE-UPS (Zbliżenia) dir by Magdalena Piekorz in cinemas in Poland

(2014) - dir Magdalena Piekorz, 85min, Poland, Tor Film Studio Production
cast: Ewa Wiśniewska (Marta's mother), Joanna Orleańska (Marta), Łukasz Simlat (Jacek), Marieta Żukowska (Marta's mother in youth), Michał Rolnicki (Marta's father), Henryk Talar (professor), Jacek Braciak (debt collector), Władysław Kowalski (doctor)

Marta is a sculptor - she has a loving husband and her own flat and studio. But the years spent under her mother's roof and their extremely close relationship make it impossible for her to live an independent life. The incessant phone calls: "Marta, sweetheart, pick up - it's Mum!" prevent her from being able to feel truly free. 
Premiere 28 of November 2014
A drama about a power of family ties.

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Adrian Konarski is a young aspiring Polish composer based in Kraków and London. Adrian’s distinctive style of composition has an emphasis on melody with unexpected harmonies. He started to play the piano at the age of four. From 2007 he is a member of the European Film Academy.  His career springs from the first Class Degree he received in 2000 from the Department of Composition, Conduc...
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